Yuri Frayman

Yuri Frayman

Yuri is responsible for ensuring that CAST AI is growing in the right direction every single day. His executive and entrepreneurial career spans over twenty years. Throughout that time, he has built 5 successful ventures, earning more than $750 million in successful exits for investors. His previous ventures include Viewdle (acquired by Google), Zenedge (acquired by Oracle), The Frayman Group (acquired by Intapp), LegalKEY (acquired by Hummingbird), and CUJO AI.

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We’re launching CAST AI, the first independent multi-cloud platform

By Yuri Frayman on Nov 17, 2020 10:54:46 AM

We’ve had an idea for years since we first had to deal with the problem everyone who works with cloud services encountered. We ended up locked into public cloud providers and moving was just too complicated. Our developers were spending a lot of time on managing the cloud infrastructure they could instead dedicate to the innovations they wanted to build.